Stella Mary's College of Engineering

(Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai)

(Accredited by NAAC and Accredited by NBA(CSE & Mech))

Aruthenganvilai, Kallukatti Junction Azhikal Post, Kanyakumari District-629202, Tamil Nadu, South India.

NACC accreditated College in Nagercoil
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Stella Mary's College of Engineering

(Approved by AICTE, New Delhi, Affiliated to Anna University, Chennai and Accredited by NAAC)

Aruthenganvilai, Kallukatti Junction Azhikal Post, Kanyakumari District-629202, Tamil Nadu, South India.

Human Values & Professional Ethics

A person who is offered a quality education will be able to serve the region, the state and the nation through resourceful educational programmes. A quality based education consequently helps in upgrading the individual’s growth which in turn endorses the growth of the nation. Stella Mary’s College of Engineering proffers Quality Education to create a personal paradigm, devoted to master the life skills required for success.

Objectives of Professional Ethics & Human Values in Engineering
  • To understand the moral values that ought to guide the Engineering profession, Resolve the moral issues in the profession.
  • To justify the moral judgment concerning the profession.
  • Intended to develop a set of beliefs, attitudes and habits that engineers should display concerning morality.
  • To create an awareness on Engineering Ethics and Human Values.
  • To inspire Moral and Social Values and Loyalty.
  • To appreciate the rights of others.
Human Value Professional Ethics
Human Values:

Values are our guidelines for our success - our paradigm about what is acceptable. Human behavior depends on the characters defining the identity, choosing the values and establishing the beliefs. Human values includes morals, integrity, peaceful life, respecting others, honesty(Truthfulness and trustworthiness), caring, kindness, courage, sharing, time management, adjustment(co-operation), self confidence, commitment, spirituality and Service-learning a teaching method which combines community service with academic instruction as it focuses on critical, reflective thinking and civic responsibility.

Professional Ethics:

Ethics is an activity which concerns with the investigation of moral values in moral issues. As for as an Engineer is concern he/she should have an ethical as well as a social responsibility to himself, to his subordinates and to his society. The set of standards adopted by professionals is called as Professional ethics. Every profession like teaching, medicine, law etc has its own professional ethics. The set of ethical standards that are applicable for an engineering profession is known as Engineering ethics. Engineering ethics is about balancing cost, schedule and risk in practical. Engineering ethics helps an Engineer to discover moral principles like obligation, rights and ideals in this field. Formal code, Focus, Precedence, Restriction, Two dimensional (positive & negative) and Role morality are some of the important characters of professional ethics. Few professional models are Engineer as Social Enablers as well as Catalysts, Engineers as Game Players, Engineers as Bureaucratic Servants, Engineers as Guardians, Engineers as Social Servants and Engineers as Saviors.

Institutional View:

In our college we are conducting several programs related to Human Values and Ethics to enhance the character of the students. It is hoped that because of this effort made by the Institution towards Human Values and Ethics we ensure that the students are made aware of the problems and their possible solutions through self exploration. Also we ensure that the students internalize the fact that they have to respond to situations instead of reacting. At the same time, the Institution will facilitate the students to identify their societal responsibilities. Through the activities conducted an effort is made to rid society from the ills prevalent. Further through these programmes we ascertain that the students realize that they have a lot of potential which when realized will propel the society forward in a positive direction.

We also insist all our students to opt Professional Ethics in Engineering as an elective paper for those who do not have this as a core paper.