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S.NO Title of paper Name of the author/s Department of the Faculty Name of journal Year of Publication ISBN/ISSN: number
1 A Noval Invetigation of Heat Tyransfer Characteric in Rifled Tubes Mr.C.DhayananthJegan Mechanical Engineering Heat and Mass Tranfer 2018 ISSN No : 0947-7411
2 Waste to Poles: Discarded fishnet/glass fiber and Polyester for building Electrical Poles Polymer Composites Mr.Michael Raj.F Mechanical Engineering Waste Poles 2018 ISSN: 2997-3005
3 Hybrid composites with discarded fishnet and polyester: a novel boat-building material” Ships and Offshore Structures, MrMichael Raj.F Mechanical Engineering Ships and Off shore Structures 2018 ISSN:1744-5302
4 Evaluation of mechanical behavior of multifilament discarded fishnet/glass fiber and polyester composites for marine applications Michael Raj.F Mechanical Engineering Marine Structures 2018 ISBN:0951-8339
5 A comparative study on quality of water in a river in summer and rainy season Y.RamaniBai Science &Humanities Journal of Research in science Vol:3,march 2017, pp 107-110 2017 ISSN:2278-9073
6 Mechanical Characterization of Discarded Monofilament Fishnet/Glass Fiber and Polyester Hybrid Michael Raj.F Mechanical Engineering Indian Journal of Ecology 2017 ISBN:0304-5250
7 Hybrid Classification Schemes for Heart Murmur Detection to assist Phonocardiogram based Signal Acquistition R.Reena Daphne EEE Journal of Advances in chemistry Volume 13,Issue 9, pp 6480-6488, February 2017 2017 ISSN-2321-807X 
8 Improved PSO based Drivers Drwiseness detection using Fuzzy Classifier R.Reena Daphne EEE Journal of Advances in chemistry 2017 ISSN: 2321-807X
9 Effect of fiber content on flexural properties of fishnet/GFRP hybrid composites Steel and Composite Structures, Michael Raj.F Mechanical Engineering Steel and Composite Structures 2016 ISSN:1908-8233
10 Machining and Triboloy Characteristic of LM20/GR/Alumina Hybrid Metal Matrix Composite M.Siva Prakash Mechanical Engineering International Journal of Printing, Packaging & Allied Sciences 2016 ISSN 2320-4387
11 Mechanical, physical and dynamical properties of glass fiber and waste fishnet hybrid composites Michael Raj.F Mechanical Engineering Polymer Bullatin 2016 ISSN:0170-0839 (print)
12 Effective Estimation of total Failure mode effects and Analysis in Tea Industry R.Suresh PremilKumar Mechanical Engineering Asian Journal of Information Technology 2016 ISSN1682-3915
13 An Innovative optimization technique for drowsiness detection based on feature Extraction Capitalizing Neural Network and Sparse Classifiers R.Reena Daphne EEE Asian Journal of Information Technology 2016 ISSN:1682-3915
14 Incorporation of Phase change Material in Poultry Hatchery for Thermal management & Energy Conversion Schemes of Slaughterhouse Waste in Broiler Farms for Energy Conservation M.R.Saravanan EEE InterNational Journal of Electronics & Communication Technology 2016 ISSN:2230-7109
15 Sediment Quality in sand Mining Areas of a River Y.RamaniBai Science &Humanities INDIAN J.ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION,VOL.36,NO.7 JULY 2016 2016 ISSN:0253-7141
16 Preparation and Characterization of lanthanum Doped Calcium Aluminate Nanophosphor (Ca Al2 O4:La) By Sol-Gel Method M.Freeda Science &Humanities Journal of Nanoscience, NanoEngineering& Applications 2016 ISSN:2231-1777(online) ISSN:2321-5194 (print)
17 A Simple Sol-Gel Route for the Synthesis and Characterization of Tm Doped Ca Al2 O4 NanoPhosphor M.Freeda Science &Humanities JNSNEA 2016 ISSN:2231-5194
18 An Effective trust based access control services for adopting monitoring in cloud computing Bastin C.Rogers CSE IJETR 2016 ISSN:2321-0869
19 Polynominal and Multivariate mapping based triple key approach for secure key distribution in wireless sensor networks A.Selva Reegan CSE IJST 2016 ISSN:274-290
20 An Effective Model of the Neighbour Discovery and Energy Efficient Routing Method for wireless Sensor Networks A.Selva Reegan CSE IJST 2016 ISSN:0974-6846
21 Mechanical behavior of FRP composites with used Fish net/glass fiber and polyester matrix” Michael Raj.F Mechanical Engineering IJECE 2015 ISSN:0974-5904
22 Delamination analysis in drilling process of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP) for marine composites Mr.F.Micheal Raj Mechanical Engineering IJAER 2015 ISSN:0973-4562
23 Reduction of Harmonics in Single phase PV Inverter Connected to grid Mr.K.Gopal Ram ECE IJTRD 2015 ISSN:2394-9333
24 Performance analysis of thermal imaging for face recognition Mrs.V.JinoShiny ECE JOCPR 2015 ISSN:0975-7384