The Pillars of Stella Mary's College of Engineering

Dr.Nazerath Charles


Late.Mrs.Mary Stella Charles


Mr.Carol Judeson

Chief Executive Officer

Mrs.Sumitha C Judeson

Vice Chairman


Nova Educational Trust


  • To ensure the continual maintenance of elevated academic standards across all programs.
  • To provide students with the technical skills necessary for global innovation.
  • To cultivate an environment that promotes active learning and innovation.
  • To motivate students to transform their ideas into practical solutions.
  • To form robust partnerships with industries to offer students real-world exposure.
  • To cultivate an entrepreneurial mind-set among students, fostering innovative thinking.
  • To spark and nurture curiosity to encourage continuous learning among students.
  • To equip students with the tools and skills necessary to become effective leaders.
  • To emphasize ethical considerations in the development and application of technology.
  • To cultivate a culture of collaboration and a shared commitment to making a positive impact globally.
    1. Trust

      The college is run by Nova Educational Trust started in the year 2007, to provide the highest quality educational and research facilities to students across the country.

        Sister Concern

        The trust manages the premier educational institutions like Bapuji Memorial Higher Secondary school, Bapuji Memorial College of Education and Stella Mary's CBSE School.