The Centre for Innovaion of Stella Mary's College of Engineering is to develop innovative ideas, communication skill, technical skills, leadership quality and entrepreneur skill of the students


  • Promote Research and Development (R&D):Foster a culture of continuous research and development to explore new ideas, technologies, and solutions. This objective can include funding R&D projects, collaborating with academic institutions, and providing resources for experimentation and prototyping.
  • Facilitate Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration: Encourage collaboration among individuals from diverse backgrounds, such as scientists, engineers, designers, and business experts, to promote the cross-pollination of ideas and expertise. This can lead to the generation of innovative solutions that address complex challenges.
  • Support Entrepreneurship and Startups: Provide resources, mentorship, and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs and startups. This objective can help nurture new businesses and technologies, driving economic growth and job creation in the region.
  • Drive Technology Transfer and Commercialization: Act as a bridge between research institutions and industry by facilitating the transfer of technology and knowledge from the research phase to commercial applications. This includes licensing intellectual property, creating spin-off companies, and connecting researchers with potential industry partners.
  • Faculty Members

    Dr Partheeban Pon

    ConvenerComputer Science and Engineering

    Dr Madhumathi R K

    MemberCivil Engineering

    Dr Selva Reegan A

    MemberComputer Science and Engineering


    MemberComputer Science and Engineering

    Dr Gayathri A R

    MemberElectrical and Electronics Engineering

    Ms Jino Shiny V

    MemberElectronics and Communication Engineering

    Mr RajKumar S.R

    MemberMechanical Engineering

    Dr Mary Novena L

    MemberScience and Humanities

    Mr Sherin S

    MemberScience and Humanities

    Student Members


    Lab Instructor

    Mr.Dinesh Kumar

    Lab Instructor


    Lab Instructor

    SIH 2020 - Software Edition (Online) - Finalist

      Name of the Organising Unit : MHRD’s Innovation Cell - Smart India Hackathon 2020

      Co-organizing unit: Centre For Innovation

      Venue:Stella Mary’s College of Engineering, Aruthenganvilai,Junction, Azhikal Post,Kanyakumari District – 629 202.

      Date of Event: 24th, 25th of August 2022 (48 Hrs)

    SIH Team Members
    # Student Name Department Batch Member
    1 Mary Sneha Betty CSE 2017-21 Student
    2 Janet Marteena J CSE 2017-21 Student
    3 Lakshmi Prabha K CSE 2017-21 Student
    4 Amsha J CSE 2017-21 Student
    5 Harshini RU CSE 2017-21 Student
    6 Reshma RS ECE 2016-20 Student
    7 Dhamodaran CSE 2016-20 Student Mentor
    8 Pon.Partheeban CSE Faculty Mentor
    9 R.K.Madhumathi CIVIL Faculty Mentor
    10 M.Ashni CIVIL Faculty Mentor

    SIH 2022 - Software Edition - Finalist

      Name of the Organising Unit : MHRD’s Innovation Cell - Smart India Hackathon 2022

      Co-organizing unit: Centre For Innovation

      Venue:Sri Eshwar College of Engineering, Coimbatore.

      Date of Event: 1st, 2nd, 3rd of August 2020 (60 Hrs)

    SIH Team Members
    # Student Name Department Batch Member
    1 Roshan Lal CSE 2020-24 Student
    2 ASLIN R CSE 2020-24 Student
    3 SANJAI M I CSE 2020-24 Student
    4 SNEKA K ECE 2019-23 Student
    5 ATUL JOSHI F CSE 2019-23 Student
    6 ANUSHA K ECE 2019-23 Student
    7 Dhamodaran ME-CSE 2020-22 Student Mentor
    8 Pon.Partheeban CSE Faculty Mentor
    9 Michael Franklin ECE Faculty Mentor

    Byte Bash Blitz

    Byte Bash Blitz is an innovative coding Organisation spearheaded by the Center for Innovation at Stella Mary's College of Engineering. Established in 2023, Byte Bash Blitz was conceived with the aim of empowering students to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of coding technology independently. Since its inception, the community has experienced exponential growth, attracting a diverse array of talented individuals whom we affectionately refer to as "bashers." As Byte Bash Blitz continues to flourish, we've recently expanded our horizons by founding Byte Bash Technologies. This new endeavor is dedicated to developing cutting-edge applications and software solutions, leveraging the collective expertise and passion of our vibrant community of bashers. Through Byte Bash Technologies, we aspire to not only foster innovation but also to make meaningful contributions to the technological advancements of tomorrow. Our commitment to excellence, coupled with the relentless pursuit of knowledge, propels us forward on our journey to shape the future of coding and beyond. Join us as we embark on this exciting adventure together.